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New Site Alert! As Failed on TV

New Site Alert! As Failed on TV!

Have you ever been up late at night and you see informercials for the most ridiculous products? They have people who can't seem to remember the most basic things like how to hold a can of soda, how to use a knife or even just how to walk. They're hilarious aren't they? Well now we've created a whole site dedicated to posting the funniest bits of commercials in GIF form.

Check out some sample posts and be sure to visit the site for more!

Where did the soda go?

Washing cars can be a bitch

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In the 1930s, virgins took laxatives to get rid of their pimples!

In the 1930s, Laxatives were being used for treating the affection called ‘Chastity pustules’. People thought that virgins could not eliminate toxins from their body as they did not have any sexual contact with others.

In the 1950s, it was discovered that antibiotics had beneficial effects on acne. However, this wasn’t because they killed any bacteria but because antibiotics reduced inflammation. At first they were taken orally but eventually topical antibiotics were developed.

While there are much better treatments for acne today like laser and light therapy, breakouts are still a big issue with girls and guys. While long-term treatments are great, check out the zit camouflage our friends at They Hate Pimples developed for guys who want to quickly treat breakouts.


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just blame ross

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